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LipoLift ™   Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting with Maximum Results

Looking for body sculpting options in Portland? Need liposuction prices? The LipoLift ™ is a trademarked procedure only available at Aesthetic Medicine. Now you can achieve permanent body sculpting and skin tightening in just one treatment. If you do the LipoLift on Friday you can be back to work on Monday.  We have successfully performed over 10,000 of these procedures in the past ten years.  Achieve incredible results without invasive surgery, the worry that comes with general anesthesia and at a fraction of the cost.

Reasons to choose the LipoLift ™ Laser Lipolysis (Minimally Invasive)  

Emsculpt Medical Gym / Vanquish Me NonInvasive Body Sculpting 

Not ready for a surgical procedure and looking for something non-invasive? We also have several non-invasive options including EmSculpt and Vanquish Me that can increase muscle and reduce fat.   Contact us today to schedule a convenient telemedicine phone consultation on zoom to see if you would be a candidate for these services. 

Emsculpt (Non-Invasive Muscle Building)

Vanquish Me (Non-Invasive Body Sculpting)

Injectable Wrinkle Reducers And Dermal Fillers

Aesthetic Medicine offers a full assortment of wrinkle reducers and dermal filling injectables. Our wide range of wrinkle reducers and facial fillers will help you soften wrinkles and smooth the skin around the forehead, temple, mouth and around the eyes. In 30 minutes you can add a youthful appearance.

With a cosmetic injectables are perfect for:

  • Restoring volume to sunken cheeks
  • Getting rid of vertical lip lines
  • Plumping the lips
  • Smoothing chin creases
  • Jaw contouring
  • Addressing facial asymmetry
  • Filling tear troughs (for deep set eyes)

Why Get Your Injections at Aesthetic Medicine ™

Cosmetic Laser Treatments Portland


The LaserLift ™ is our most popular non-invasive laser procedure here at Aesthetic Medicine.  We have successfully  performed over 500,000 of these procedures in the past 25 years.  There is no pain and zero downtime with this procedure, the LaserLift ™ can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, pore size, vertical lip lines, dark circles and sagging skin around the eyes, mouth cheeks, neck and forehead.   This unique combination of lasers treat both superficially and deeper into the dermis stimulating your own new collagen production and is only available at Aesthetic Medicine.

Other treatments: The following conditions have been treated at Aesthetic Medicine ™ for the past 25 years with excellent results and very little discomfort or downtime. Cystic acne and acne scars, Cellulite, Enlarged Pores, Facial Veins, Loose Skin, Rosacea, Sun Damage and Unwanted Hair...  

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The MiniFaceLift™ is a minimally invasive procedure that treats the face, neck and eyes using bi-polar radio frequency technology with very little pain and downtime. The results are comparable to a facelift without the worry of being put under, without the downtime and intense recovery and cost. We at Aesthetic Medicine believe that time is valuable and priceless  and taking up to six weeks off from your job, family and everyday life is not realistic for most. Facial contouring, skin tightening, fine line and wrinkle reduction and collagen stimulation can be achieved in one treatment. Additionally, this procedure can address and even eliminate unwanted fat on the face and neck. The skin on average is tightened by 37%! You can look younger in a weekend and resume your normal daily activities after a weekend of relaxation and recovery at home. Do the MiniFaceLift™ on Friday and be back to work on Monday!

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Facelift Portland
Couple sitting in hammock

Intimate Wellness with vaginal tightening

With so many changes that womens’ bodies experience overtime, we as women tend to take care of everything and everyone else, leaving things like our own intimate wellness on the back burner. But this area matters too. 

Vaginal rejuvenation may be a topic you’re not as willing to discuss, however, you are not alone. At Aesthetic Medicine, we understand these changes and concerns. Whether it be from pregnancy, vaginal birth delivery, hormonal changes such as menopause, and other common sexual dysfunction that comes with aging. 

Just like our face and other areas of our body, the vagina loses collagen overtime and rejuvenating that area to treat overall functionality is now easier than ever. 

The Viveve is a radiofrequency Vaginal Rejuvenation system that is safe, effective and comfortable.  It is the only system approved by the FDA to perform vaginal tightening in just one treatment.  It can improve laxity, lubrication, sexual function and Urinary Incontinence. Just like our face and other areas of the body,  the vagina also loses collagen and laxity overtime

Vaginal Rejuvenation with Viveve
Emsella for Urinary Incontinence

Results & Testimonials

I had such an amazing experience with my lip injections! I will definitely be going back! They had amazing customer service, a wonderful product, and my recovery was amazing. Absolutely no problems at all!I LOVE their whole team!!
Savannah Case
17:59 22 Oct 20
I had a great experience at Aesthetic medicine! The staff was incredibly forthcoming with explaining each procedure I was interested in. Salma was especially helpful in addressing my concerns at our consultation. I can’t wait for my next appointment with her!
Samar El Youssef
16:56 14 Oct 20
Joni Warren
02:34 13 Oct 20
Amazing experience! I've had both Botox and lip injections at Aesthetic Medicine and I am very pleased with my results. Their injectors are extremely knowledgable about all things injectables and make great recommendations based on what you are trying to achieve. On top of that, their prices are much better than other local competitors. I highly recommend going to them for your Botox, Filler or any of your other aesthetic needs!
23:17 05 Oct 20
After long contemplation and turning 39, I decided to try my first Botox treatment. I was so relieved to be in the gentle hands of Salma Faris, who thoroughly explained the treatment areas and what to expect from start to finish! Her tender approach made a world of difference and I am absolutely dazzled by my results. Completely natural looking and as though the years of a stressful job have been totally erased from my face! The medical office is large, feels nice and clean, and I was kindly welcomed by smiling, masked faces from start to finish. Thank you so much!
kymberleigh lewis
04:25 19 Sep 20
Victoria Racz
18:25 10 Sep 20
Nice staff and dr and building but when lipo is over and you take off the compression garment the old shape comes back.
L Annette Jacobs
01:03 07 Jun 20
I saw Dr. Darm years ago for laser treatments for rosacea and I was very happy with my results. I did extensive research on rosacea and knew that Dr. Darm was a pioneer in this field and that I would be in good hands. I highly recommend visiting Aesthetic Medicine for rosacea and for any other treatments that they provide!
Michael Faris
15:40 20 May 20
Great consultation. Nice building and location. Pleasant staff
K. Ching
16:34 31 Jan 20
I've been getting Botox injections there for years. they do a great job. Very professional.
Allison Lindsay
01:41 23 Jan 20
Been coming to this location for the last few years for Dysport, wouldn't go anywhere else. When your a member of the Aspire program you get great discounts.
Michelle McCallum
21:06 22 Jan 20
Dr. Darm is so kind, caring, respectful, and dedicated to his profession. His office manager was extremely helpful too. I am looking forward to my upcoming treatment. Thank you Aesthetic Medicine for helping me make my dreams come true!
Kristi Goodwin
18:43 17 Jan 20
pretty happy with results
Judy Vanderzanden
00:34 20 Dec 19
Claire Lewis
18:59 19 Dec 19
Friendly and respectful staff. I highly recommend this clinic.
Myrna Oribello
06:55 17 Dec 19
Always a pleasant experience with knowledgeable staff and competitive pricing
Anne Feammelli
18:10 10 Dec 19
I noticed a difference in my chin line immediately after the post-surgery bandages were removed. I could see the full effect in my next picture...I do have a chin!The staff was courteous and follow-up visits were easy and helpful. When I asked for a refill of the topical cream that was used for massaging the surgery site, it was given happily at no additional charge.The only thing I was not happy with result wise is the condition of my skin in that area. It is a little loose. When I move my head a certain way, it crinkles up under my chin.I am still very glad I had the surgery.
Cheryl Ambrose
20:38 09 Dec 19
I am very pleased with the procedure done to my chin and neck area. It has taken years off my appearance. I thought I was just going to lose the loose skin and fat under my chin and was pleased to know that my jaw line was well defined as well. My only regret is that I didn't try this first instead of spending all that money on CoolSculpting which got me nowhere. The recovery time and pain was minimal and could be controlled with over the counter pain meds. My pain level was so low I did take any meds.
Debra Helvey
20:07 09 Dec 19
Annie Bucklin
19:47 09 Dec 19
I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and tranquil environment. Each doctor and technician is very skilled, knowledgeable and caring. They are very helpful in making choices of the types of treatments that are best suited for your personal needs. I feel really well-cared for after a visit.
Christie Higgins
06:36 07 Dec 19
I have then going to see Doctor S. for quite a few years and will not stop! He loves what he does and know his clients well.
Connie Pazienza
01:35 06 Dec 19
I seen a friend has a great results from this place done her lipo lift and Botox has reasonable price! I definitely will get my own appointment very soon!
Julia Lee
03:56 03 Dec 19
The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. My results are what I was hoping for, and I am very happy. You will not be sorry to do something for yourself that increases your self esteem and confidence. It's priceless! Thank you Dr. Darm and staff!
Susan Johnson
02:21 03 Dec 19
Shirley Peck
20:47 02 Dec 19
Friendly staff, fast service. Had Botox on frown 7 days ago.
Ana Lemus
03:12 02 Dec 19
gigi smith
17:01 01 Dec 19
Christina McCartney
15:18 30 Nov 19
You have to do a lot of research on the procedure that you are having done. They show a lot of before and after pictures of clients, but don't tell how many treatments it took to acquire that result. Before signing on for Laser lift it was mentioned that a filler could enhance the results. After 4 treatments I am less than satisfied and finding out that most clients do fillers as part of the treatment. I hope at the end of 8 treatments I can see better results
mary ellen coyle
01:54 30 Nov 19
Teresa Totten
23:46 27 Nov 19
Amazing experience they were very nice always on time and seemed to actually care about your experience and expectations. I would highly recommend them
Camille Garrison
01:52 27 Nov 19
Zahra Tappouni
23:52 26 Nov 19
Appointment process was quick and easy and the service was great.
holly phalen
23:34 26 Nov 19
Lilia Zamora
23:21 26 Nov 19
I've gone in for Botox injections. Was nervous and scared at first, but it is done very efficiently and professionally. Honestly, it was over almost before I realized it had begun! A few little pinches and it's over. I've now gone in three times and will continue to go.
Kathy McElderry
19:49 26 Nov 19
Turkey neck runs in my family and I have always hated mine. I was really worried about the cost but it was so reasonable I made an appointment, had the procedure and feel amazing!!! Thank you so much!!
becky glidden
14:03 26 Nov 19
Katrina Roberts
05:13 26 Nov 19
Terri Brooks
03:18 26 Nov 19
Everyone at Aesthetic Medicine has always been professional and respectful when I have had a procedure - before, during and after! Follow-up is great. You can call at any time with a question and you get an answer from the person who answers the phone.
Terry Robson
00:02 26 Nov 19
have not had the opportunity to be we're gone by him but have been to several consultations and am so pleased that by February I will have had my work done and I will update my post then this is a great business
Tracey Cassel
22:36 25 Nov 19
I was very impressed from the first contact til the minute I walked out the door. Everyone was extremely efficient and very informative. Mercedes was delightful.
Deborah May
17:26 25 Nov 19
miriam tice
16:57 25 Nov 19
Had an excellent treatment. Kind, friendly staff.
Johanna Courtleigh
15:30 25 Nov 19
While my husband and I have yet to have our procedures done, we have a friend who had her neck done here. We could tell what a good job was done; she looked much better than she had previously.
Sheila Gallegos
08:44 25 Nov 19
Very friendly and professional. Wide variety of services and available appointments.
Tanya Mcarthur
05:45 25 Nov 19
Suzie Pendergrass
04:35 24 Nov 19
Linda Dowis
04:27 24 Nov 19

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