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About Us

At Aesthetic Medicine, our mission is to deliver life-changing aesthetic solutions with the least possible downtime. Although aging is inevitable, there are many ways we can slow down or even reverse this process. As we age, we experience many changes in which genetics, lifestyle, skin type, etc., all play a role in the rate at which we age. Sometimes the reflection in the mirror may not accurately reflect the image we have of ourselves on the inside. We at Aesthetic Medicine are here to help you achieve a more confident, vibrant, and healthy you.

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Creating New Lives with Aesthetic Medicine

Physician-owned and operated, Dr. Darm founded Aesthetic Medicine 27 years ago. We have over 75 years of combined experience in addressing the physical and emotional changes that come with aging. We have certified, trained professionals, including Physicians, Registered nurses, Medical Assistant, and laser technicians, to help your inner beauty shine through. We know that when you look your best, you feel your best.

All the services we offer here are unique, cutting-edge technology and have been perfected over decades. All of our procedures are designed to provide maximum results with minimum downtime. Each patient is unique and requires different protocols and procedures to optimize their desired outcome. Our first and foremost is our patient’s health and safety, which is why we take the time to complete total medical health and history by one of our Physician before initiating any treatments. Our goal is to look beyond providing service and concentrate on each patient’s specific needs and goals. Beauty is more than an outward appearance, but we will help you turn back the hands of time to recapture a natural refreshed version of yourself. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation.

Meet Our Team At Aesthetic Medicine In Lake Oswego

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What’s different about Aesthetic Medicine?

Our standards are high, and we raise the bar when providing medical-based health and beauty procedures. Successfully treating patients since 1995, the practice has grown from primary offerings of weight loss and skin treatments to trademarked aesthetic procedures.

Our team offers a host of minimally invasive and non-invasive options designed to restore youthfulness, encourage supple skin, and reshape areas of the body to boost self-esteem and confidence. We work with each patient to ensure they understand these treatments and procedures that would work well and educate them on the process. Our goal is to help every client achieve the look they want while knowing every journey aspect. Education is vital in deciding what’s best – every procedure is unique in its own right and may not be the best course of action. We help patients choose procedures that work best for their health condition, age, and body type with in-depth consultations and recommendations for excellent results.

Putting the patient’s health first is our priority. We make sure that our staff understands each patient’s medical history and any underlying issues resulting in complications. Our goal is to look beyond providing service and concentrate on the patient’s overall care from start to finish. Beauty is more than an outward appearance, but we’ll help you turn back the hands of time to recapture the best parts of “you.” Take a tour of our facility in Portland and meet the staff. You’ll feel right at home!

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