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Unveil Your Best Self: Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting In Portland

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Truly Minimally Invasive

In the past, the best options for minimally invasive body sculpting procedures were surgical procedures. A tummy tuck and liposuction were standard procedures for people looking for help with tightening and toning their abdominal areas. Now, minimally invasive treatment options provide an alternative for patients in Portland who wish to improve their body’s shape without the risks and downtime of surgery. The team at Aesthetic Medicine is committed to providing our clients with the best possible treatment options to help them look and feel their best without long recovery times associated with open surgery.

What Is Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting?

Minimally-invasive medical procedures use specially designed surgical instruments to achieve excellent results without open surgery. Through these tools, Dr. Darm can reduce the amount of fat in your body without harsh surgical techniques. This provides similar results to a surgical procedure but much less risk to you.

We use one of two technologies to reduce fat deposits for patients considering body sculpting. These are:

  • LipoLIft – Laser-assisted liposuction melts fat using the power of laser energy, then suctions out the fat to tighten and tone your loose skin. LipoLift works on the abdomen, flanks, arms, neck, and thighs.
  • BodyTite – This radiofrequency-assisted procedure targets fat with radiofrequency energy. This melts the fat, which is then removed. The process also tightens stretched skin.

What to Expect from Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting

At Aesthetic Medicine, our body sculpting services start with a consultation. At the consultation, we will help you understand what you can expect from the procedure and which of our two treatment options would work best to help you achieve your goals. Your consultant will evaluate your problem areas to see if you are a good candidate for these procedures.

If body sculpting fits your needs well, we will then perform a thorough health history to ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure. If you are, we will take your before photos and measurements and then schedule the appointment for your procedure.

When you come for your body sculpting procedure, our staff will help you feel comfortable. We may recommend an oral sedative to help you relax, but you will feel no pain during the procedure.

Because this is a minimally-invasive procedure, you will return home the same day. Plan one day of rest, and use compression garments for three weeks.

In the first few days after your procedure, expect to see minor swelling and some bruising of the treated area. After about one month, you will start seeing your body change. Full results are typically visible three months after your procedure. We will schedule a follow-up appointment to track your healing and document your results.

Minimally Invasive

Minimally Invasive Body Sculpting

Aesthetic Medicine is dedicated to providing our clients with minimally invasive options to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. For body sculpting, schedule a consultation with our Portland team today.

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