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Dr Darm AMNW 2016 12 15 (Couple’s Weight Loss Journey)

Couple’s Weight Loss Journey
12-15-2016 AMNW

Cathy and Hayden Price joined us today to share why the decided to lose weight together and how they did. Dr. Jerry Darm, of Aesthetic Medicine, explained how Aesthetic Medicine’s medically supervised weight-loss program works.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2016 06 23

www.drdarm.com – Dr. Jerry Darm, Medical Weight Management, joined us today along with patient Jennifer to tell us about Aesthetic Medicine’s medically-supervised weight-loss program that helped Jennifer lose 90 pounds in ten months.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2016 05 05

www.drdarm.com – A year ago, the Strehlow family, husband and wife, Michael and Cheryl, daughter Aimee and grandma June, signed up together to go on a weight-loss journey to better health. The Strehlows shared their story and Aesthetic Medicine’s, Dr.Jerry Darm, explained how the medically supervised plan works.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2015 09 24

Dr. Jerry Darm, President and Owner of Aesthetic Medicine, joined us today to share his weight loss program works and how Aesthetic Medicine can help with excess skin after a dramatic weight loss. Aesthetic Medicine patient Shayna Vest shared her own weight loss journey.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2015 08 27

Mother/Daughter Team, Aimee and Cheryl Strehlow joined us today to share how they, along with their grandmother, June Close, decided to team up to get healthy by losing weight. Dr. Jerry Darm of Aesthetic Medicine shared how his weight loss program works and the important health benefits it provides patients.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2011 05 23

Janice Bangs went to Aesthetic Medicine to find out about their comprehensive Weight Loss Management Program.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2011 01 20

Dr. Jerry Darm of Aesthetic Medicine and his patient Patsy-Lynn Ragonese joined us today to talk about Ragonese’s amazing weight loss — 112 pounds since last February, using Dr. Darm’s meal replacement program.

Dr. Darm AMNW 2010 09 30

Tried every diet in the book? Today we met Kelsi Smith who’s lost 100 pounds with one of Dr. Darm’s weight loss programs. With a dedicated staff, Aesthetic Medicine offers a variety of options to help you successfully meet your weight loss goals.