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Dr. Darm AMNW 2016 02 25 – Can’t lose the stubborn fat around your waistline? Dr. Jerry Darm of Aesthetic Medicine, along with patient Jennifer Taylor, shared how laser lipolysis, LipoLift, can melt away that extra fat.

Dr. Darm, LipoFill™

LipoFill™ (Fat Grafting) can be done by aspirating fat from the abdomen or another donor site and then re-injecting it into lips, facial frown lines or cheeks. When compared to the use of traditional fillers, the grafts are much less expensive and can last years longer.

Dr. Darm, MiniLift Before and After – C.C. – Introducing the MiniLift™ now available exclusively at Aesthetic Medicine. MiniLift™ is a revolutionary facial procedure* designed to take years off your appearance. MiniLift™ tightens the skin eliminating wrinkles and lines to give you the younger healthier look you deserve. Best of all, you can get a MiniLift™ with payments as low as $179 per month.

Dr Darm LaserLift New TV Commercial

LaserLift is the trademark procedure of Dr. Darm for treating wrinkles, pore size, and overall skin texture for younger looking skin using state-of-the-art lasers and technologies with highly trained providers. Dr. Darm is the medical director of Aesthetic Medicine and is proud to announce that Aesthetic Medicine has moved to a new location at 4800 SW Meadows Road, Suite 100 & 150, Lake Oswego, OR 97035. Phone: (503) 697 9777.