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EMSCULPT® Treatments Portland


If you’re researching non-invasive body sculpting options in Portland, EMSCULPT® should be at the top of your list, for one simple reason: It is the only treatment that will burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. Aesthetic Medicine, led by Dr. Jerry Darm, is now offering this innovative procedure.

EMSCULPT® is a one of a kind body sculpting treatment that can reduce difficult-to-lose fat, while also building muscle and improving tone. This makes EMSCULPT® the only body contouring method that can strengthen muscles. It is also the first non-intrusive treatment option for toning the buttocks, abs, arms and legs.

Patients can utilize EMSCULPT® on the midriff or backside to reduce fat, build muscle, and increase muscle definition.


The efficacy and safety have been tested in seven multi-center studies by the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US, and Histology).




  • EMSCULPT® is perfect for people who:
  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Are in generally good health
  • Are at or near their ideal body weight

EMSCULPT® is not a treatment for those looking to lose a significant amount of weight, but more ideal for those who are looking to address small, stubborn areas of fat in the abdomen. It may also be an ideal treatment for patients who are looking to improve the tone of the buttocks.

EMSculpt FAQs


Each EMSCULPT® treatment is tailored to specific body needs, and our Physicians determine costs at your consultation.  We are committed to cost-effective wellness, and our mission is Maximum Results, Minimum Downtime. Once an individual’s treatment cost is determined, our patients have multiple options for payment/financing


EMSCULPT® uses non-invasive HIFEM® technology to stimulate muscle activity. HIFEM® stands for High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic, which describes the nature of the energy delivered to the muscles. This energy triggers rapid muscle contractions, burning calories and forcing the muscles to adapt, remodel and strengthen. This produces impressive contouring results that slim the figure while enhancing muscle definition.


We typically suggest a progression of four EMSCULPT® treatments, which are performed inside a fourteen-day time frame. During your consultation, we will develop a unique EMSCULPT® treatment plan to fulfill your specific objectives.


You will feel the outcomes from treatment immediately following your EMSCULPT® session. From there it can take a few weeks for the results of treatment to become noticeable. Most patients begin to see results within a month of treatment. These results continue to improve for several weeks as subsequent treatments are performed, and the muscles continue to recover from treatment.


The process is non-invasive and very simple. During your treatment, the EMSCULPT® device will be placed on the treatment area. As the treatment begins, the device will radiate HIFEM® energy into the muscles. This process causes muscle contractions that feel like an intense workout. Despite this muscular activity, you will be able to lay down and relax for the duration of the 30-minute treatment session.


After your EMSCULPT® treatment, you will probably have some muscle tenderness/soreness, much like the feeling of finishing an exercise. Much like the aftermath of a strenuous workout, this may last for a couple of days but should not restrict your typical activities. The EMSCULPT® treatment is totally non-obtrusive, so there is no scarring or downtime following the system.

Now that you know a little more about the procedure please feel free to contact us today if you are thinking about EMSCULPT Treatments in Portland, so we can set you up for a free consultation. 

EMSCULPT™ Patient Testimonials

Cheryl Ambrose
Cheryl Ambrose
20:38 09 Dec 19
I noticed a difference in my chin line immediately after the post-surgery bandages were removed. I could see the full effect in my next picture...I do have a chin!The staff was courteous and follow-up visits were easy and helpful. When I asked for a refill of the topical cream that was used for massaging the surgery site, it was given happily at no additional charge.The only thing I was not happy with result wise is the condition of my skin in that area. It is a little loose. When I move my head a certain way, it crinkles up under my chin.I am still very glad I had the more
Christie Higgins
Christie Higgins
06:36 07 Dec 19
I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and tranquil environment. Each doctor and technician is very skilled, knowledgeable and caring. They are very helpful in making choices of the types of treatments that are best suited for your personal needs. I feel really well-cared for after a more
mary ellen coyle
mary ellen coyle
01:54 30 Nov 19
You have to do a lot of research on the procedure that you are having done. They show a lot of before and after pictures of clients, but don't tell how many treatments it took to acquire that result. Before signing on for Laser lift it was mentioned that a filler could enhance the results. After 4 treatments I am less than satisfied and finding out that most clients do fillers as part of the treatment. I hope at the end of 8 treatments I can see better resultsread more
Siobhan Davis
Siobhan Davis
04:21 23 Nov 19
I love the staff here! Very professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve been coming here for years and I am always exceptionally pleased with the results and quality of service. Scheduling is always a dream and very accommodating, unlike other high end establishments I’ve tried. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of care and service. I can’t recommend them enough, you won’t be disappointed!read more
Laurie Salse
Laurie Salse
00:22 22 Nov 19
I always have a great experience. The staff is wonderful. The facility is always clean. The doctors are always kind, compassionate, listen to your every need. Thank you so much Dr Darm and Staff for always a wonderful more
Beverly Heffington
Beverly Heffington
14:50 21 Nov 19
I mostly utilize the fillers. Great prices and the "injector" doctor has a great eye for aesthetics. Very friendly, down to earth, and knows his stuff. I get so many compliments from friends after a session with Aesthetic Medicine Spa/Clinic. I'll keep going more
Zahra Tappouni
Zahra Tappouni
06:18 21 Nov 19
I didn't want to have any procedure done to get rid of my extra abdominal fat.I tried all kinds of exercises, belts and diet. I couldn't lose that stubborn fat. Then I went to see Dr. Darm for consultation , I did the lipo.That was one of the best decisions that I made. I am now comfortable wearing any dress I like and my body looks the same as twenty years more
Kristine Rice
Kristine Rice
05:24 21 Nov 19
Erica and Rosie are so incredibly kind! I can't express how much I appreciate their caring demeanor and compassion, I was scared out of my mind and they put me right at ease. Now that it's over I can say that the pain is so insignificant and I had nothing to worry about. Dr. Darm and Dr. Zawacki are equally as kind, I appreciate them and the service they provide. It's been a week since my procedure and I am so happy with the results so far and the swelling hasn't even gone down all the way. I can only imagine how happy I will be once everything has settled and healed. Thank you to the entire team. 🙂 I am recommending you to all my more
Ann Laffin
Ann Laffin
04:51 21 Nov 19
I have had both liposuction and a bracheoplasty and am pleased with the results. I don't look 40 again (I"m 72) but I'm not embarrassed to wear short sleeves any more and my neck is very much improved. I have had several areas done, and have some ideas for some more in the future. I think the liposuction technique they use is superior to that done by other clinics and wouldn't have that done anywhere else.The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are quite skilled, and I would recommend the clinic to anyone thinking about the more
Catia Gargan
Catia Gargan
03:34 21 Nov 19
I was very happy with my results and would recommend Aesthetic Medicine to anyone wanting to look your best.I was surprised that in my initial consultation I actually saw Dr. Darm. He listened to what I had in mind and after his evaluation, gave me a realistic assessment of what I could achieve with the treatment I had in mind. The staff at Aesthetic Medicine is very professional, welcoming and responsive. I am looking forward to my next more
Jill Williams
Jill Williams
02:10 21 Nov 19
I had three areas done with the Lipolift procedure with Dr. Darm and Dr. Z. The whole team, Dr. Darm, Dr. Z. Nicole, Rachel, Rosie, and the staff were incredibly caring and sensitive to my needs. Cosmetic surgery is an emotional experience and the doctors, nurses, and staff understand this! In fact, I had my consultation with Dr. Darm three months before I scheduled my procedures. He honored the discount without hesitation and never pressured me to do more or come in sooner than I was ready! I highly recommend Aesthetic Medicine!read more
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