Vaginal Rejuvenation

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Vaginal Rejuvenation with Viveve

Our bodies go through many changes, especially as women. Specifically, the vagina endures many changes over the years such as pregnancy, childbirth, hormonal changes along aging.  Just like our face and other areas of our body, the vagina loses collagen overtime and rejuvenating that area to treat overall functionality is now easier than ever. We are so happy to extend our services to this underserved area of the body. Introducing Viveve; the viveve is a radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation system that is safe, effective and comfortable.  With only one 35 minute treatment you can improve vaginal laxity to prepregnancy levels with no downtime.  Controlled clinical trials have shown improvement in laxity, lubrication, orgasms, sexual dysfunction and urinary incontinence.  Results are normally noted immediately and improve over several months.  They last from 12 to 18 months and can be resumed with a single maintenance treatment.. Viveve will stimulate your own collagen production helping with laxity. 

Reasons To Do Vaginal Rejuvenation At Our clinic

–The viveve is the only system approved by the FDA to perform vaginal tightening with just one treatment

–The unique cryogenic cooling system ensures comfort and safety

–This revolutionary treatment not only improves laxity but also lubrication

–It also improves arousal, orgasm strength and frequency and reduces sexual dysfunction

–It improves arousal, lubrication, satisfaction and reduces pain with intercourse

–The system can be used to improve urinary incontinence as well 

–It can be added to the non-invasive Emsella system to further maximize the treatment of urinary incontinence.