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The EMSCULPT® is an electromagnetic device that causes multiple rapid muscle contractions that helps to build muscle and reduce fat at the same time. The Medical Gym at Aesthetic Medicine can deliver 30 minute treatments once or twice a week in a protective safe environment. If you’re researching non-invasive body sculpting options in Portland, EMSCULPT® should be at the top of your list, for one simple reason: It is the only treatment that will burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. EMSCULPT® is a one of a kind body sculpting treatment that can reduce difficult-to-lose fat, while also building muscle and improving tone. This makes EMSCULPT® the only body contouring method that can strengthen muscles. It is also the first non-intrusive treatment option to tone and enhance the buttocks, abs, arms and legs. The Emsculpt is equivalent to 20,000 contractions in 30 minutes! EMSCULPT® also builds up core strength, creating better posture and less back pain.


  • The Emsculpt is equivalent to 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes!
  • That is equivalent to 100 visits at 200 crunches/ visit
  • If you calculate your time and the cost of Gym visits the savings are huge
  • A Medical Gym is much safer to visit than a regular Gym
  • You can treat your abs, arms, legs and glutes
  • You can increase your muscle mass 37% in these areas after a series of treatments
  • The muscle mass continues to build for months after the last treatment to an area
  • The treatments are painless
  • You can reduce fat while building muscle
  • You cannot have metal in the area being treated


EMSCULPT® is not a treatment for those looking to lose a significant amount of weight, but more ideal for those who are looking to address small, stubborn areas of fat in the abdomen, thighs, calves, arms and glutes.

EMSCULPT® is perfect for people who:

  • Follow a healthy lifestyle
  • Are in generally good health
  • Are at or near their ideal body weight
  • Unable to make it to the gym
EMSCULPT Treatments Portland


The efficacy and safety have been tested in seven multi-center studies by the most reputable scientific methods (MRI, CT, US, and Histology).




EMSculpt FAQs


We typically suggest a progression of four EMSCULPT® treatments, which are performed inside a fourteen-day time frame. During your consultation, we will develop a unique EMSCULPT® treatment plan to fulfill your specific objectives.


The process is non-invasive and very simple. During your treatment, the EMSCULPT® device will be placed on the treatment area. As the treatment begins, the device will radiate HIFEM® energy into the muscles. This process causes muscle contractions that feel like an intense workout. Despite this muscular activity, you will be able to lay down and relax for the duration of the 30-minute treatment session.


Each EMSCULPT® treatment is tailored to specific body needs, and our Physicians determine costs at your consultation.  We are committed to cost-effective wellness, and our mission is Maximum Results, Minimum Downtime. Once an individual’s treatment cost is determined, our patients have multiple options for payment/financing


After your EMSCULPT® treatment, you will probably have some muscle tenderness/soreness, much like the feeling of finishing an exercise. Much like the aftermath of a strenuous workout, this may last for a couple of days but should not restrict your typical activities. The EMSCULPT® treatment is totally non-obtrusive, so there is no scarring or downtime following the system.


EMSCULPT® uses non-invasive HIFEM® technology to stimulate muscle activity. HIFEM® stands for High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic, which describes the nature of the energy delivered to the muscles. This energy triggers rapid muscle contractions, burning calories and forcing the muscles to adapt, remodel and strengthen. This produces impressive contouring results that slim the figure while enhancing muscle definition.


You will feel the outcomes from treatment immediately following your EMSCULPT® session. From there it can take a few weeks for the results of treatment to become noticeable. Most patients begin to see results within a month of treatment. These results continue to improve for several weeks as subsequent treatments are performed, and the muscles continue to recover from treatment.

Patient Testimonials

Nikki SaidSo
Nikki SaidSo
18:35 14 Nov 20
Love this place! Beautiful facility, friendly staff, very thorough and professional. I'm a Botox veteran, but Dr.... Sherbondy double-checked to make sure I knew aftercare specifics, and he answered questions and made recommendations for other treatments in a way that made it sound like I didn't really NEED anything else, but if I ever wanted to...😊read more
Savannah Case
Savannah Case
17:59 22 Oct 20
I had such an amazing experience with my lip injections! I will definitely be going back! They had amazing customer... service, a wonderful product, and my recovery was amazing. Absolutely no problems at all!I LOVE their whole team!!read more
Jv Kzadu
Jv Kzadu
19:16 14 Oct 20
Extremely rude staff. Called to find out about a simple procedure and the woman talked really rudely and hanged up the... phone :(After unprofessional phone etiquette and With such poor customer service over the phone, I definitely don't want anyone there touching my face!read more
Samar El Youssef
Samar El Youssef
16:56 14 Oct 20
I had a great experience at Aesthetic medicine! The staff was incredibly forthcoming with explaining each procedure I... was interested in. Salma was especially helpful in addressing my concerns at our consultation. I can’t wait for my next appointment with her!read more
23:17 05 Oct 20
Amazing experience! I've had both Botox and lip injections at Aesthetic Medicine and I am very pleased with my results.... Their injectors are extremely knowledgable about all things injectables and make great recommendations based on what you are trying to achieve. On top of that, their prices are much better than other local competitors. I highly recommend going to them for your Botox, Filler or any of your other aesthetic needs!read more
Quinn Hammond
Quinn Hammond
04:29 20 Sep 20
They scammed my sister. Told her she couldn’t do a procedure with any circulation problems, she told them about her... feet sometimes turning purple, they told her she needed to talk to a doctor first. She did, doctor told her she couldn’t do the procedure. Said she needed a doctors note to get a full refund which she got and they are still holding $1,000 captive and refusing to return her calls and are constantly in “meetings” when she tries to reach them. They STOLE from her. Btw, she never signed any co tract or anything. Avoid them at all costs. Scammers!!!read more
kymberleigh lewis
kymberleigh lewis
04:25 19 Sep 20
After long contemplation and turning 39, I decided to try my first Botox treatment. I was so relieved to be in the... gentle hands of Salma Faris, who thoroughly explained the treatment areas and what to expect from start to finish! Her tender approach made a world of difference and I am absolutely dazzled by my results. Completely natural looking and as though the years of a stressful job have been totally erased from my face! The medical office is large, feels nice and clean, and I was kindly welcomed by smiling, masked faces from start to finish. Thank you so much!read more
Brooke Mooney
Brooke Mooney
03:14 19 Sep 20
I had a consultation for laser lipo. Made my payment in full. I started having some circulation issues, they told me I... needed to see a doctor to get approval to move forward with the procedure. I saw a doctor and she said I couldn’t have the procedure and I’m currently getting diagnostics to figure what’s going on. Dr. Darm said if I got a doctors note they would refund me in full. Well I did and they have STOLEN 1,0000 of mine. I’ve sent them all the documentation they’ve requested. I’ve made many attempts to contact them. Every time I call they are “in meetings”. I never signed any contract. Also as a heads up they charge $125.00 for a “COVID test” which is a blood test. I called my doctor and there’s no such thing. Only throat and nose swabs. They are liars and thief's. AVOID at all costs!!!!! Please learn from my mistakeread more
CL toot
CL toot
14:00 26 Jun 20
I've been meaning to write this review for 8 months now, I really liked Dr. Darm and the staff but I didn't not like... his last tactic, I have been seen here several times (previously) this time I followed back up on lipo on my flanks and the outcome of the procedure w/Dr. Darm himself (didn't see any difference post surgery 1 year later I am under 130 pounds) he stated "oh no problem if you get another service we will re do your flanks for free" I thought well that would be great if it works! I got a service agreement stating costs of new procedure and the free 6,000.00 treatment RE DONE for free! (LOOKS nice on paper right? ) I'll fast forward to surgery, this was a SCAM MOVE and pretty sure WAS NOT legal, very much felt like 'duress' as I was told under some pretty heavy drugs (a double dose of Ativan) SIGN HERE by the surgery nurse 5 minutes before being taken back to surgery. (I was never told I would be signing anything at any point in time pre drugs) This was a legal document saying this was final and I could not come back unsatisfied or take action after, (I also NEVER received a copy of this document I signed either) So after my new procedure and the free RE DO, there was ZERO redo Dr. Zawacki did NOT re do my flanks but instead addressed maybe a 1" by 1" inch area on stomach.If you want REAL lipo see a real plastic surgeon (not a spa) this has been a mistake my first lipo was 6 years ago it looked good for many years but it dimpled badly (this is what 'smart lipo' does)Dr. Darm's office also gives free services to ask you to write a review.... I get text messages all the times asking for a review to receive a free facial micro derm . (so I am sure this review will be filled up by asking others to bump my review to bottom of feed) check other sites for reviews too, like health grades 3 stars YELP 2.5 starsif you contact Aesthetic medical know you will be SOLD to (don't fall for the re do FOR FREE)I fell this was really important to share, I felt very tricked and from a legal stand point this was unethicalthey lost a customer, I wont even return for my botox or fillers there either.read more
Kip Ching
Kip Ching
16:34 31 Jan 20
Great consultation. Nice building and location. Pleasant staff
Cheryl Ambrose
Cheryl Ambrose
20:38 09 Dec 19
I noticed a difference in my chin line immediately after the post-surgery bandages were removed. I could see the full... effect in my next picture...I do have a chin!The staff was courteous and follow-up visits were easy and helpful. When I asked for a refill of the topical cream that was used for massaging the surgery site, it was given happily at no additional charge.The only thing I was not happy with result wise is the condition of my skin in that area. It is a little loose. When I move my head a certain way, it crinkles up under my chin.I am still very glad I had the surgery.read more
Christie Higgins
Christie Higgins
06:36 07 Dec 19
I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere and tranquil environment. Each doctor and technician is very skilled,... knowledgeable and caring. They are very helpful in making choices of the types of treatments that are best suited for your personal needs. I feel really well-cared for after a visit.read more
mary ellen coyle
mary ellen coyle
01:54 30 Nov 19
You have to do a lot of research on the procedure that you are having done. They show a lot of before and after... pictures of clients, but don't tell how many treatments it took to acquire that result. Before signing on for Laser lift it was mentioned that a filler could enhance the results. After 4 treatments I am less than satisfied and finding out that most clients do fillers as part of the treatment. I hope at the end of 8 treatments I can see better resultsread more
Siobhan Davis
Siobhan Davis
04:21 23 Nov 19
I love the staff here! Very professional, helpful and friendly. I’ve been coming here for years and I am always... exceptionally pleased with the results and quality of service. Scheduling is always a dream and very accommodating, unlike other high end establishments I’ve tried. The prices are very reasonable for the quality of care and service. I can’t recommend them enough, you won’t be disappointed!read more
Ann Laffin
Ann Laffin
04:51 21 Nov 19
I have had both liposuction and a bracheoplasty and am pleased with the results. I don't look 40 again (I"m 72) but I'm... not embarrassed to wear short sleeves any more and my neck is very much improved. I have had several areas done, and have some ideas for some more in the future. I think the liposuction technique they use is superior to that done by other clinics and wouldn't have that done anywhere else.The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and the doctors are quite skilled, and I would recommend the clinic to anyone thinking about the procedure.read more
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